Realtor Information

There are no rental units and any sales are handled by individual owners and/or their agents. 

Prior to a signed Purchase and Sale Agreement:
  • Trust documents and Master Deed are public documents available from the Registry of Deeds Hampden County.
  • The Trust has 'first right of refusal', this must be secured before a P&S is executed this will be issued via email.
After a Purchase and Sale Agreement is executed a copy must be sent to us via email below; during the buyer inspection period we can provide the following upon request:
  • Rules and regulations can be made available.
  • Trust documents can be made available. Sections 5.36 - 5.43 contain information on buying/selling requirements.
  • A financial Overview can be made available.
The following is required by MA Condo Law to be able to close:
  • A notarized waiver of first right of refusal and the 6d document will be issued with 5 days notice. (may incur a $25 fee)
  • We must have a name, valid email and phone number of the buyers before we can issue this document.

Please contact  [email protected] with your requests on company letterhead.