The Condos at Beech Hill

Resident Information

NEW OWNERS: Be sure to register for full access, do this by clicking above and to the right and follow the instructions.  Be sure to review your account privacy settings and select what you want to share with the community.  (This is a private website, no information is shared with any outside entity) 

Check the Notification Bell in the upper right-hand section for any Surveys being taken.  Surveys can be monitored in real time under residents/surveys (make sure to select the one of interest)

Meeting Minutes: Minutes are posted after they are reviewed. Residents will be notified when they are posted.

Posted Speed Limit: Speed limit is 20mph on both Beech Hill and Ivy Hollow. The curve on upper Beech Hill can be dangerous as walkers cannot see approaching vehicles that are speeding in time to react.

Parking at the Mail building is prohibited for all but mail pickup. Visitor parking is restricted to visitors.  No overnight street parking is allowed.

Monthly Condo Fee Checks go in the Black Mailbox at the mail building. If you mistakenly place them in the outgoing mail slot they will be lost.  Fees may also be sent by USPS to 20 Beech Hill Road.

Always Curb Your Pets, Pets are allowed on all general common areas (No pet is allowed on any neighbor's front or back yard). Two pets are allowed, 35lb Limit per pet.  (Dogs and cats only, no other animals, reptiles or birds are allowed).  All pets must be leashed while outside, this includes cats.  No free roaming pets are allowed.

Contact Information:  At all owners must sign up for the website. If not they must provide contact information to the Trustees. Including Name, Address, Email. Owner information is required even if the owner is a non-resident.

When Owners should contact the Board:

If any work within your condo that adds over $1,000 in value or requires a building permit, . electrical work, finishing a basement, etc. the Owner is required to notify the board of such work.

For things related to all common areas (planting requests, any damage noted, etc.).

For anything pertaining to the Trust Agreement: (residents are encouraged to read the Trust Agreement & associated Rules and Regulations located under Residents/Trust Documents).

If you have a question or comment, send it to the Board.

Please do not contact Trustees individually.
(Use the form on the right)

        NON-Residents my contact the Trustees through our email [email protected]

        There are no rental units and any sales are handled by individual owners. 

Do not contact the Trustees for issues inside your Condo. Use the Vendor List.

Residents can contact the webmaster for help in setting their account up or any other issues relating to this website at [email protected]